Sunday, March 6, 2011


It has been too long and this is my new goal to post every Sunday. I sometimes feel my kids are growing up too fast and I will miss it, so here is my attempt to capture some of these precious moments.

Kate is a little fireball. At almost 2, she is already wrestling with dad and the boys, counting to 13, and being a little bit sassy at times. Her brothers are her best buddies. We were in the cul-de-sac the other day, and both boys were on their bikes. She had a handful of something and was running around and fell, and before I could even move, both of her sweet, protective brothers were by her side picking her up off the ground. She is going to be well looked after. She loves to read, especially My Favorite Trucks. Her favorite thing to say is "Do it". If her dad is tickling her and stops, she'll say "Do it Dad"! She loves to be in the mix of things.

Parker is doing well in preschool. He loves numbers and loves to count to 100. He has started to really love riding his bike around and loves, loves soccer. I don't know if he fully understands what is going on out there, but he will look over at me on the sidelines, get that sweet smile on his face, and just wave. He loves it. His dad is his coach, which is probably part of why he loves it so much. He loves going to the library and getting a lot of new books. He is such a sweet, kind boy.

Cole is loving soccer and has really taken off. His team played yesterday in the cold. The fields were soaked from the night before, but he did great and scored 6 goals, then got in the car and started crying because he was just too cold. He has lots of good friends and enjoys doing anything dad does.

All of the kids love their dad. When he walks in the door he says "Daddy's home" and they all come running yelling "Daddy's home" and jump into his arms. Clearly the best part of his day.

We are expecting baby #4, our second girl, in May. We are so excited to be adding to this wonderful, happy family of ours.


Aaron said...

Hey welcome back Manda! I love this new goal of yours so I can get updates on those adorable kids. Miss you guys.

Adam and Cassie Pierson said...

Yay! I just saw this. It's a goal of mine as well. I hope you can keep it up. :) We had such a great time seeing you guys this weekend. You're kids are growing so fast and are amazing. We love being so close to you guys.